Ariba Buyer Integration

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A major Malaysian leisure and hospitality player with a 50-year heritage reached out to PEOL Technologies to streamline and transform their procurement & budgeting processes using Ariba Buyer Integration.

Their specific challenges were:

  • Budget allocation – The budget allocation process was ad-hoc and allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis to requesting departments.
  • Approval process – There was no well-defined approval process for budget approval, budget release and exception approval for exceeding budgeted spend.
  • Spend control & compliance – The departments had no view or understanding of spend limits to ensure that spends were within department-specific allocated budget



  1. We had multiple workshops with client & based on  that designed the to-be business processes:
    • Approval work flows for budget approval, budget release, & exceeding budget
    • Real-time project tracking & reporting features for tracking consumption vs allocated budget and capturing the status of the project
  2. We reviewed the to-be business processes with the customer to come up with a finalized design scope of activities on Ariba and SAP PS, SAP MM with respective integration points to SAP PI.


  1. We planned for and executed:
    • System configuration to map the business process.
    • SAP PS Budgeting setup to cater to system requirements
    • SAP MM End to End procurement setup for Materials and Services
    • Budget Check feature for Ariba Buyer integration
    • SAP PI E2E setup for Purchase Requisition integration with Ariba
    • SAP PS Budgeting Integration with Ariba using SAP PI Custom mappings
  2. We then did the standard execution & deployment procedures


A very happy customer with:

  • Standardized processes for all budgeting activities reducing manual storage and reporting.
  • Seamless approval flows for budget from its initiation through different phases of transfers, returns or supplements reducing paper work and delay in manual process of approvals
  • Spend tracking and control compliance through standardized setup of budget check during consumption
  • Online report availability to track spends across projects, monitor in an efficient, and error free process.