SAP BYOD Appification

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One of the most respected IT Services firms in the world was having problems with an internal facing portal. The portal was heavy duty – but needed human resources to enter data through a laptop.

The client wanted us to make the portal accessible through a mobile app – ‘appify’ it – so that human intervention is minimized while optimizing output with minimum use of resources.


PEOL Technologies orchestrated a team of architects, product development specialists, & developers.  The goal was to have data entry only once and over a smartphone by the user at a time & place of their convenience creating an app that’s cross-platform & cross-device compatible.  

After multiple conversations with customer process expert & users, we created an existing & post go-live process flow for the customer; did a custom implementation of SAP BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) module.


  • After talking with the customer process experts & users – we collected data on every process used in the portal:  frequency of use, type of data used, business functions affected, type of output and scale of output/process.


  • We analysed and brainstormed to create an app that satisfies all requirements optimally. The specs were:
    • Front End: Simple UI to be made using HTML and BootStrap2.
    • Back End: A robust back end with SAP database to store all the processed data
  • We integrated the new system in place of the old portal by a classic migration procedure without hampering any existing data.
  • We trained the employees to get hands on experience in using the new application under various scenarios.   


A very happy customer with:

  • The new application was cross platform supportive, cross device supportive with least human dependency and remotely accessible built in less than 2 months
  • An app that provides classical BYOD benefits by adhering to all BYOD principles
  • Employees accessing important portal anytime and anywhere