Cloud for Customer Implementation

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A top Indian multiplex chain was using MS Excel and files server for the day-to-day sales, pre-sales & customer-support processes. They wanted to have a robust cloud solution that could streamline & optimise these sales/marketing/service processes. We implemented a SAP Cloud for Customer solution that gave them a scalable cutting edge SMAC feature-set while taking away the pain, inaccuracy, & person dependency of the current processes.

We set the goals as follows:

    • design a system that is scalable and user- friendly keeping in mind the explosive customer growth  plans
    • bring in streamlined approval process which were missing previously
    • tackle the core task of streamlining day-to-day sales and back-office  activities.



We created a crack team of highly experienced CRM architects & designers that worked to the plan:

    • We did a series of workshops for as‐is business processes to identify key business points and challenges.
    • We mapped the current process integration points with back-end SAP ECC for SAP Cloud for Customer  and finalized the scope


We executed as per scope

    • We mapped the business processes using system configuration.
    • Then we did Solution walkthrough to demonstrate the configured solution and get  buy-in
    • We developed as per plan and then setup and tested the integrations with respect to ECC, Mobile and Outlook
    • We did the post implementation verification  and launched
  1. Onsite support for go-live activities
  2. Enablement for end-users


A very happy customer with:

  • Standardized processes for all pre‐sales activities bringing in complete efficient and transparency to entire org
  • Easy-to-use, multi-device, cross-platform  application with Outlook integration  making for very happy & productive sales team
  • Streamlined customer feedback mechanism with necessary SLAs and enhancing  customer satisfaction.