Fiori App-i- fication

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One of the largest & most diversified conglomerates in the world – the largest private sector company in India was having a challenge. They were a blue-chip SAP shop with many of their HR processes on a SAP system for a wide variety of HR processes. Unfortunately the system allowed the business users to access the system only on a desktop – with each process requiring 20 screens to complete the task. Since there were 40 such business processes and a huge number of users, the client needed to streamline the business access and make it anytime & anywhere.

The client requested PEOL to make the desktop-only business processes accessible through a mobile app – ‘appify’ it – across


PEOL Technologies orchestrated a team of highly experienced architects, SAP functional & technical knowledge, UX experts & developers with expertise in mobile app development. After a thorough understanding of step by step process flow at the client’s end, PEOL suggested a SAP Fiori Implementation offering to offer an awesome system access & UX experience   to all applications through mobile.  . We went for Fiori keeping in mind the cross-platform cross-device scenario at the client and the big business objective of driving shorter cycle times and remote access.


  • After talking with significant number of customer process experts & users – we collected data on every process used in the portal:  frequency of use, type of data used, data load, business functions affected, type of output and scale of output/process.


  • We analysed and brainstormed to create the optimal solution to the problem. We also conducted workshop to explain the customer & users our approach.
  • Based on the guidance – we created mock-ups of the SAP Fiori Enabled system.
  • After customer sign-on we went live with the Fiori solution and started testing for effectiveness & efficiency of the solution.  


A very happy customer with:

  • Biggest proof of success – huge increase in usage of the Fiori system over the alternate system was noticed after go-live
  • Taking advantage of the system, the customer took the call  to make all their HR processes paperless – offering a sustainability  ROI that pleased all stakeholders in this initiative.