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Success in IT Services requires better decisions on how the projects are going. Better decisions come from having an instantaneous view of live projects and an ability to intervene on projects going off track. One of the most respected IT Services firms wanted this single view of intelligence for all projects for their C-level audience.

The client approached PEOL Technologies for a solution to their real-time project-level intelligence input. We did our research, workshop & analysis. We found 3 core requirements from the solution:

  • Solution that help the top management to better understand the health of all projects
  • System that will take the guesswork out of understanding the profitability and utilization of resources for any project
  • Ability to analyse output in multi-dimensional formats


PEOL assigned a highly experienced team of seasoned professionals and architects carrying expertise in Business Intelligence, Project management, & Dashboards. After a thorough understanding of step by step process flow at the client’s end, PEOL recommended using SAP Business Objects Design Studio with a KPI View Dashboard to meet the client requirements.  The reason we selected SAP Business Objects Design Studio was that its feature of intuitive designing of centrally governable analytic content ranging from guided analytics to sophisticated OLAP applications and aggregated dashboards was a key ask for this project.


We now did a detailed requirement gathering by understanding all the data sources, frequency & load of data, data types & its impact on decision making. We also knew that we needed to give access to mammoth amounts of data & analytical throughput to the user.


  • Based on the analysis, PEOL built a data analysis and reporting system using the multiple SAP Analytics tools that supported OLAP- real time data analysis:
    • SAP Business Object Enterprise Platform 4.x
    • SAP Design Studio 1.4
    • SAP Web Intelligence
    • SAP Design Studio SDK
    • SAP Information Design Tool
    • SAP HANA
  • The new system boasts of a multitude of features:
    • User role based KPI dashboard and reports on SAP BOE Platform
    • Enhanced user experience through technology and ease-of-use
    • Drilled down and drilled through to detailed level WEBI report
    • Capability to provide offline dashboards


A very happy customer who now has fine real-time project-level intelligence for their C-level audience. Benefits of our solution:

  • Seamless and a responsive SAP Design Studio KPI Tiles view
  • Offline dashboards available to business users to use on the move
  • Increased internal employee satisfaction level and operational efficiency
  • Role based authentication to KPI tiles and report
  • Data Export to Excel / PDF and support for multi-device and cross platform