Staffing Reports on Business Objects Enterprise

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Success of IT Services firms depends on billings. Billing depends on resourcing & utilization. One of the most respected IT Services firms in the world not getting the analytics they wanted to make staffing decisions.  The client needed a solution.

The client approached PEOL Technologies for a solution. We did our research, workshop & analysis.

We found 4 core components to meeting the customer request:

  • Construct a software system that will help the client users in prioritizing incoming resource requests
  • Design a system that will assist the reporting managers in assessing and tracking overdue staffing
  • Increase efficiency, productivity and performance that is being hampered due to large number of records.
  • Design a system that will present output in multi-dimensional formats


After a thorough understanding of the client’s need, PEOL suggested SAP Business Object Enterprise Platform 4.x, SAP Web Intelligence Rich Client, SAP Information Design Tool and SAP HANA Implementation for the above requirements.  We zeroed in on SAP Business Object Enterprise Platform 4.x, as it provides flexible system management for an enterprise BI standard that allows administrators to deploy and standardize their BI implementations on a proven, scalable, and adaptive service-oriented architecture – exactly what the client wanted.

PEOL Technologies then orchestrated a team of architects, product development specialists, & developers to design the solution

After multiple conversations with customer process expert & users, we created an existing & post go-live process flow for the customer; did a custom implementation of SAP BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) module.


We now did a detailed requirement gathering in the form of number of incoming requesting for resource allocation, their pending status and the backlog in generating real time detailed reports due to large mounds of data.

The entire team analyzed and brainstormed upon what would be the most optimum solution to this problem at hand. The team had to look for a solution that would let the business users access this mammoth amount of data in a drill-down, drill-through manner and gain role based insights to make a very informed decision.


  • Based on this, PEOL built a data analysis and reporting system using multiple SAP Analytics tools that supported trend analysis, generated reports on demand and gave detailed intelligence on the same.  The new system had many useful features:
    • Publishing On-Demand data with detailed information
    • Optimum system performance inspite of in-depth data  of large volume and complexity
    • Information related to overdue across all business units/verticals/accounts with centralized demands consolidation
    • Real-time data availability enabling faster decision making


A very happy customer who now has access to real-time intelligence for staffing decisions. Features of our solution:

  • Drill-down and drill-through capabilities to access data across business unit level, accounts level, verticals and project level  
  • Trend analysis against allocation and demand
  • Increased internal employee satisfaction level and operational efficiency
  • Role based data analytics for high precision information
  • Data Export to Excel or PDF Multi device supported and cross platform supported