What stays & what changes in times of change?

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Dear Reader,

Thank you for visiting our website! I’d like to begin our blog by defining what is permanent & what is transitory using the example of PEOL Technologies and the environment we find ourselves in. We founded PEOL Technologies in September 2010, with a vision to be pioneers and innovators in the industry by helping businesses grow across every process entity.

The only differentiation we had to offer was a fresh approach in solutioning Enterprise Applications coupled with an ability to do beyond the envelope innovation built on a bedrock of rock solid integrity. Today we are a 200+person services firm that is widely liked & respected by some of the most demanding customers in India and across the world.

As I write this in 2016 October, the buzz in the market is about digital transformation, mobility, analytics, and constant strive for operational excellence. However the same values of solutioning, innovation, integrity & smart+ hard work are as important today as they were the day we started out. The IT Services market of the future is expected to be radically different from today – SMAC is already overturning the IT world; business processes are getting ‘appified’ and ‘digital transformation enabled IOT’ will bring us to a Jules Verne meets Arthur C. Clarke future. We believe that our values enabled with new skills but the same attitude will serve us well and help us make our place amongst the technology greats. Come – engage with us – as we chronicle this exciting journey!